Human rights activists are attentively watching after court hearings, connected with the YUKOS case. We several times mentioned, that during the hearings, occurred multiple human rights abuses of the accused ones.

The Application on behalf of P.L. Lebedev re violation by the Russian Federation of Articles 3 and 5 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Right and Fundamental Freedoms was accepted for priority consideration by the European Court of Human Rights.


According to us Mikhail Khodorkovsky's - Platon Lebedev's and Alexej Pichugin's cases are politically and ideologically motivated. The cases are used by the authorities for social and political manipulations. We are very concerned by all the attempts to use the YUKOS case as propaganda means. We are worried because of some people's efforts to imply pressure on the court using propaganda means, and to create an atmosphere of the Soviet court shows.


That is why we feel obliged to point out the TV premiere of the pseudo-documental film "Pre-paid Terror Act". The film, following unusual quantity of promos, was shown on NTV, October, 26, on the prime time.


It looks like a confident attempt to manipulate public mind. We think that by its level of unfairness, by its use of unsubstantiated allusions this film could be only compared with Soviet propaganda programs targeted against Mr. Galich, Dr. Sakharov, Mr. Solshenitsyn, Mr. Shcharansky, etc.


We would like to express our deep concern of such an attempt to imply a pressure on the public opinion and the justice.


We bitterly state that NTV channel became ready to be used for overtly partial propaganda, and for attacks against people, who are unable to respond on such unfair insinuations.


 Elena Bonner, Andrei Sakharov Foundation


Lev Ponomarev,  Executive Director,  For Human Rights" Movement;


Yuri Samodurov,  Director,  Museum and Public Center "Peace, Progress, and Human Rights"
named after Andrej Sakharov


Alexander Tkachenko, writer, General Secretary, Russian Pen-Center